The CleaCaro brand was founded in 2008. The new trade mark brought together talented designers, fashion professionals and tailors with a wealth of experience in design and manufacturing of women’s outerwear in Italy and Russia, as well as in the countries of Eastern Europe.

Our company specializes in making women’s outerwear from a variety of materials: leather, fur, cashmere, raincoat fabric and many others. All CleaCaro products are made in Italy and, under strict supervision, atpartner factories in Eastern Europe: Czech Republic and Russia. In St. Petersburg, the company has its own production facility. CleaCaro uses only high quality European fabrics (made in Italy, France and Belgium). All our models are luxury products made only in limited quantities. Before being offered to the customer, each model is refined and perfected; the subtle creative process of producingthe garment can be compared to the work of a professional jeweler, who carefully and patiently cuts precious metal until its every facet sparkles.

The main target audience of the CleaCaro brand are active and self-confident women who prefer the classic style of clothing and follow all current European fashion trends.

Good knowledge of the market forfabrics and accessories, the extensive experience and high-level mastery of company staff allowed us to create stylish collections of women’s winter and spring coats.

Fashion designers and tailors gave the collection a multitude of original details, making every piece unique and charming in its own way. Our clothes are made of high-quality fabrics, modern linings and accessories, which guarantees our customers comfort and convenience when worn in their everyday life and leisure activities.

Today our company has many new ambitious plans and projects. We continue to create new collections, surprising and delighting our customers with a variety of patterns, silhouettes, interesting details, accessories and fabrics. We have built good business relations with our long-term partners and we have been working on cooperation opportunities with our new customers.

Here are a few reasons why the customer chooses CleaCaro brand products:

  • 1. High quality materials, bright styles and looks, practicality, free style design.
  • 2. An excellent selection of various models, which allows customers to create the perfect wardrobe, in a variety of colors, and a wide range of sizes (from XXS to 5XL).
  • 3. An ideal price-to-quality ratio.
  • 4. Ongoing monitoring of sold products, which helps us follow all major new fashion trends.